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After photographing a model-glam Prosper home [link] and a Dallas house that doubles as art gallery [link], Holger Obenaus rounded out his North Texas trip with a “Moditerreanean” property in Fairview for the Spring 2020 edition of Dallas Style & Design.

What is “Moditerranean”? Well, it’s how designer Nicole Arnold of Nicole Arnold Interiors describes the six-bedroom home that she took from heavy Mediterranean to fresh, modern elegance, in partnership with Gwen Belle-Isle, formerly of GBI Designs.

In Holger’s photos, the transformation is immediately apparent. Look no further than the living room, what with its regal tone offset by crystal, chrome, rich teal velvet, and black lacquer — all perfectly captured in their harmony.

Another standout? The dining room, where Holger shows how it flaunts all its curves — from the Palladian arched window, to the chandelier, vaulted ceiling, undulating chairs, and china cabinet. Nor can the master bedroom be ignored; it sports a “Ralph Lauren meets Ritz” sensibility that’s straight from a luxury resort.

interior design photography 2The interplay of textures and tone-on-tone colors plays a big role in this modern makeover, setting a luxe, eclectic mood for every room. Those kind of subtle, dimensional details aren’t the easiest to translate in 2D, but Holger pays careful mind to each and every note of lustrous metallic, acrylic, alabaster, embossed print, and more — right down to a rose bedroom that looks like a beautiful blush makeup compact come to life.

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