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A supermodel home struts into a Dallas suburb.

Prosper is an emerging Texas suburb, located 40 minutes north of Dallas — and it’s also where a gorgeous 6,585-square-foot home sits, ready for its time in the spotlight. Enter photographer Holger Obenaus, who had jetted into the city to shoot a few standout homes, including an art-filled North Dallas contemporary [link to that blog post], for the Spring 2020 edition of Dallas Style & Design.

The lead-up to this Prosper house’s model moment, though, didn’t happen in a flash. The homeowners had a specific look of casual elegance in mind — and a need to integrate and elevate existing furnishings from their previous home into this new space.

Stephanie Kratz of Stephanie Kratz Interiors carefully designed the makeover with panache and precision. Her secret? Fusing inspiration from both Mother Nature and manmade fashion for a natural look. She attributes her time in New York to the development of this specific, modern-classic style. And, for her, it’s the accessories that make all the difference to “finish” the look of a home — just as they similarly work their magic in fashion.

It doesn’t take long to see precisely how well-dressed the rooms are. Holger’s shot of the glam kitchen perfectly encapsulates the streamlined space, finished with the sheen of brushed gold accents and brass light fixtures that hang like jewelry pendants from the ceiling.

Throughout the property, Holger takes careful stock of showcasing the conversation between organic influences and outright elegance to form the perfect dialogue of nature and nurture —one where subtle textures and soft radiance come alive, punctuated by Pantone’s Color of 2020: a magical, dusky blue.

Even in the outdoor living area and separate guest casita, the sophistication of effortless, barefoot luxury is distinctive.

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