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I wish I would have more time to cook and experiment with food photography. Preparing food is therapy and leisure at the same time for me. It grounds me, inspires and – of course – nurtures me. The parallels of my style of cooking  and my style of photography are more than apparent. I love simplicity, clean lines and more than anything else: truth. In addition, a great dish should always have a little element of surprise – as should a great photograph.

Between Christmas and New Years last December, I took some time off to re-charge my batteries and do what I love most: Cook and shoot. The Dekalb Farmers Market on E Ponce de Leon Avenue in Atlanta is one of these terrible “must-stop-and-spend-money” locations, one of my favorite place to quench my cosmopolitan culinary thirst, the ultimate spot for these rare foodie-finds that inspire both my culinary and artistic aspirations. Yes – I know – you can find and buy almost everything online, but to go physically shopping for groceries is an essential part of “cooking” for me. I had my mouth messed up for black lentils (beluga lentils) for quite a while. They are ultimately healthy, have delicate skins, possess a peppery taste and make a fantastic salad. Sweet memories of Southern Mediterranean Europe, the Levant come up in my mind when I think about this salad. I was right, the Dekalb Farmers Market – Bingo! I had found them.

I paired this succulent Beluga Lentil Salad with fresh Lowcountry Shrimp, Sashimi Style. Just add some lemon juice, salt and pepper. You literally start smelling the Mediterranean Sea…

© Holger Obenaus Commercial Photography Food
Image ©2015 Holger Obenaus Photography. All rights reserved!

This photograph was taken with my Linhof Kardan Master Large Format Camera and the Schneider Makro Symmar. It is a beautiful thing.