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Holger Obenaus photographs three statement-making properties for Dallas Style & Design

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and if the three bold and beautiful properties photographed by Holger Obenaus for one of Dallas Style & Design’s latest glossy magazine editions are any indication, that statement is 100% accurate.

Upon landing in the Lone Star State, Holger hit the ground running with a modern, museum-quality residence in North Dallas. The stunning contemporary home could easily double as an art gallery — that’s, in large part, due to the ingenious work of Dallas designer Mary Anne Smiley. She overhauled the interiors to focus on sleek openness and sculptural furnishings and fixtures while putting the homeowners’ impressive art collection front and center. Capturing both the art of the canvas and the surrounding spaces required precise yet effortless perspective from Holger. He also gave us a striking view of the home’s geometric exterior with perfectly backlit, floor-to-ceiling windows that reveal two colorful, abstract pieces inside.

commercial photography

Next up, Holger toured us through two properties that are both located in rapidly growing suburbs north of Dallas. First, a 6,585-square-foot supermodel home in Prosper emerged photo-shoot-ready after a massive makeover by Stephanie Kratz of Stephanie Kratz Interiors. She integrated inspiration from both Mother Nature and manmade fashion, adding just the right accessories to pull each room together with modern-classic style. And, it’s safe to say these rooms are well-dressed, indeed, with Holger taking careful stock of the natural glamour infused throughout — and Pantone’s Color of 2020: a magical, dusky blue.

Finally, a trip to Fairview was on the list, where a “Moditerranean” property (think modern meets Mediterranean!) got its time in the spotlight, thanks to the work of designer Nicole Arnold of Nicole Arnold Interiors in partnership with Gwen Belle-Isle, formerly of GBI Designs. The six-bedroom home was also the recipient of a transformative makeover that mixed textures with tone-on-tone colors for a luxe, eclectic mood in every room. Those kind of subtle, dimensional details can easily get lost on a page, but Holger pays careful attention to each note of lustrous metallic, acrylic, alabaster, embossed print, and so much more — all captured in glorious harmony.

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