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Take a tour through a modern, museum-quality residence

Is it a house or is it an art gallery? Maybe it’s a little of both for this stunning North Dallas contemporary home. And, that’s exactly the vibe that photographer Holger Obenaus emphasized when he traveled to Texas to turn his lens on this property for the Spring 2020 edition of Dallas Style & Design.

The homeowners recently entrusted a full redo of the interiors to esteemed Dallas designer Mary Anne Smiley — an overhaul that also put their statement-making art collection front and center.

Before taking us inside for a tour, Holger teased what lies beyond with a striking view of the geometric house’s exterior. The perfectly backlit, floor-to-ceiling windows showcase two colorful, abstract works of art — each of which dynamically perforates the neutral-toned architecture and Zen-like landscaping by Bonick Landscaping.

Interior design photography

Fine Art is an integral part of great Interior Design. As a photographer, it is an absolute treat to compose my images around some of the world’s finest art. It’s like shooting with a top model in fashion! —Holger Obenaus

Once inside, there’s a prevailing sense of sleek openness, permeated by textural canvases and sculptural furnishings and fixtures. It’s no small feat to capture both museum-quality art and equally artful interiors in one shot. But, Holger managed a precise yet effortless perspective for each of the spaces. In the master bedroom, he even found just the right angle to show how the hyacinth-blue duvet forms a dialogue with the hues of the landscape painting above the fireplace.

Sliding doors completely open the living areas to a pool deck that makes use of the home’s acreage — and, don’t think for a second that it skimps on the art. Eclectic pieces are dotted about while whimsical chairs double as sculptures.

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